Yes, Virginia – There Is A Hero In Congress

Frank Wolf Is A Hero In Congress

Updated 05/31/13 – see updates in Red

When I begin my News gathering for the day, the first place I check out is BENGHAZI TRUTH DAILY MEMO.

Benghazi Truth

Benghazi Truth

If you have never been to this website, I highly encourage you to do so. It is described as  “The Ultimate Benghazi Cover-Up Investigation Activist Site” .  If you aren’t making daily visits to this site you are missing some valuable information.

On April 12, 2013 Proe, aka @FrankMDavisJR (twitter handle) pays tribute to Virginia Representative Frank Wolf.  Ever since 9/11/12 – day of Benghazi Massacre, he has been fighting a lonely, uphill battle to get a House Select Committee (House Resolution 36) to investigate the Benghazi fiasco where 4 Americans were left to die.

Proe’s April 12, 2013  Daily Memo (scroll down page) with the following observation:

There have only been a few so-called “heroes” in congress regarding Benghazi. Congressmen like McCain and Graham have hogged the Sunday talk-show via their seniority and supposed star-status and have on occasion posed, postured, turned the corners of the mouths down and waxed angry over the deaths in Libya, but they haven’t done anything.

It has been 7 1/2  months and these guys have not accomplished a thing except provide sound bites for various media outlets.



Additionally, more than 30 survivors were rescued but they have been completely muzzled so they can not tell us, we the American people what happened.  Catherine Herridge of Fox News reports that the reason they are silenced is that there is no way for the Obama Administration to put a positive SPIN the massacre of the Benghazi Four.


Further in the article:

There is only one Representative Frank Wolf, but he has eighty-something fellow Reps co-sponsoring HR36, seven-hundred Special Ops signing a letter to endorse it and because of that, millions of Americans supporting him and his efforts

In one week the number of GOP Reps supporting HRes 36 is now 155 so finally we are gaining traction on getting a Select Committee.  Our GOP Leaders (and I use this term loosely) are a big problem. Speaker Boehner is blocking HRes 36 saying it is too expensive and time consuming. Neither Boehner or Cantor will help by co-sponsoring this resolution.

Sadly, most Americans don’t know about any of this since the Major Media outlets are not covering what Frank Wolf is doing. Most Americans have long since forgot about Benghazi and are moving ahead with their everyday lives.

This Select Committee is vitally important. It was a Select Committee that brought down Richard Nixon.  The same thing could happen to Obama, and the heat is starting to get hot.  This is not going away

Set aside some time today or this weekend to read today’s Benghazi Truth Daily Memo and while you are there, spend some time studying the earlier memos. And while you are at it, read the latest Daily Memo.


Read Original Article: Benghazi Truth Daily Memo Friday April 12, 2013


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