Why This Blog? Part 2

TwibbonI had used Twitter off and on for some internet marketing but wasn’t a regular user and certainly not an expert.  I learned what a “hash tag” was so I started monitoring #Benghazi which simply is a collection of comments made by other Twitter Users  that post to #Benghazi.

As I started watching #Benghazi, I was surprised of the passion of ordinary American Patriots that were truly concerned about America. There were mothers, grandmothers, spouses of our servicemen and service women, grandfathers, fathers, just Americans from all walks of life that were appalled at how Benghazi was handled.  Most were outraged.

I don’t know how it happened but I eventually ran across a web site called Benghazi-Truth.blogspot.com that had regular updates.   As I read it, it encompassed my thoughts and as I studied it I found that my knowledge of  the inner workings of our government and our lackluster  congress people operated.

I started posting Tweets to #Benghazi ( early Dec 2012) on a regular basis and in the process many times referred to the Benghazi-Truth.blogspot.com website.

At first I didn’t see the big picture.  Just posting tweets to #Benghazi really doesn’t do much good unless you do it right and have a purpose. I you just post to #Benghazi, you are really just preaching to the choir. Almost everyone posting there is a Patriot and concerned about America. In later posts I will show the techniques that get results.

However, with the techniques I have learned following Benghazi Truth, we are making a difference.  We have engaged Senators, Representative  and media outlets.

Media Exposure

Here is a Daily Beast/Newsweek article showing we are getting under MSM’s (main stream media) skin:

Why Tea Partiers Are Boycotting Fox News












And here is another by MSN News.


Continued: Part 3

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Stan is the Senior Editor for StanHjerleid.com. He is a Tea Party Conservative and very concerned about the future of America. He is a Navy Veteran having served aboard the destroyer USS Laffey for 4 years. For the last 12 years he co-owns with his wife, Happy Cat Retreat, a cat boarding facility. He has owned 2 photography studios for 12 years and worked as an IT Specialist for 14 years. He loves animals and raises parrots in his spare time. He is also an avid road bicyclist and motorcyclist.

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