Who Do You Trust

Following is an article from a guest contributor that wishes to remain anonymous due to the slanderous attacks from the Tea Party Fire Ants.

Who Do You Trust?

Donation money is serious business.  In this economy, every cent counts so choosing who gets your money is a big deal.  Recently, a Twitter “Tea Party” by the name of “Tea Party Fire Ants” has started asking for donations.  This shady “group” consists of two people and a rotation group of sycophants who, in all likelihood are the same two people who run the group.  They have proven to be liars time and time again, claiming to have organized events that never happened and supplying “supplies”  that have never existed.BlockedBy

The TPFA has been blocked by many popular conservatives on Twitter.  The “leader” goes by the anonymous screen name @FrankMDavisJR and Proe Graphique.  No one knows who he is, only that he regularly attacks proven Patriot groups like #JusticeForBenghazi4 and DEMANDS Tea Parties “prove their accomplishments”.

They claim they are responsible for Sarah Palin being hired for FOX and even Chuck Woolery being hired by Washington Times! So many of their claims are so outrageous that one five minute look at their blog shows they are simply on an ego trip.

His attacks on very successful Tea Party groups like the New Hampshire Tea Party are disgusting.  He shows off requested thank you emails from Rep. Rice and Rep. Wolf (simply for tweeting members of congress) over and over again to try and give the group relevance.  All they do is tweet, period.

The new request for donations on their website (actually a free blog) says, “the donation account goes to her and will be managed by her) to cover expenses, and for advanced activist materials.”

He is speaking of the other person involved in their scam, Kathy Amidon.  Ms. Amidon has several different names, easily verified through Google, etc. and spends her entire day: S-M, 8AM-10PM, including Christmas and other holidays on Twitter, helping “Frank” in his attacks on true patriots.  She has been involved in this scam group for at least two years and has a shady past.  We urge you to investigate this bogus group very carefully before you donate.

We are a group of journalists and ex-members of TPFA who left the group after discovering it was a scam. Please check out our Photos and Timeline at @TeaPartyPolice (TeaPartyProud) to see who supports us and some evidence against these scam artists.
Is YOUR personal information safe with TPFA? They recently posted the names, kids names and addresses of prior members. BE CAREFUL!


About Stan Hjerleid - Senior Editor

Stan is the Senior Editor for StanHjerleid.com. He is a Tea Party Conservative and very concerned about the future of America. He is a Navy Veteran having served aboard the destroyer USS Laffey for 4 years. For the last 12 years he co-owns with his wife, Happy Cat Retreat, a cat boarding facility. He has owned 2 photography studios for 12 years and worked as an IT Specialist for 14 years. He loves animals and raises parrots in his spare time. He is also an avid road bicyclist and motorcyclist.

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    U sure R roaring like a lion! Nice job UR doing. Wish U luck!

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