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Those of us that are tweeting for a cause such as #Benghazi, have to be careful. It’s so easy to let your guard down and become part of something that reflects poorly on your character.

I admit, I was part of a group that I joined innocently enough that was good in the beginning and then over time, morphed into something I was not proud to be a part of.

Don’t we need to maintain some modicum of self-respect when we are passionately pursuing our cause?SelfWorth300

Here’s what I’m talking about. A twitter user with the handle @FrankMDavisJR has a blog called Benghazi Truth. I was an advocate of his a year ago when I started on #Benghazi. He’s written some fine posts but somewhere along the line, his EGO expanded and his posts degenerated into mixing in lies, just to self-promote.

In this post when I refer to Frank, I am referring to the twitter user going by the handle @FrankMDavisJR as his real identity is unknown.

I’ve written about that before and you can read my previous posts HERE and HERE and HERE

My latest concern is a letter that he is constantly posting to promote his blog Benghazi Truth and a group he claims to have founded, Tea Party Fire Ants. The Tea Party has nothing to do with this group, it’s just a name that was applied to a group of us that met every night to tweet congress about Benghazi. Out of the blue when we got a little notice in the media he quickly came up with a logo and proclaimed this group to be Tea Party Fire Ants.

Now back to the letters, here’s an official letter sent to Patriot Journalist Network:


Notice the following characteristics, the letter is on a gold/beige paper, the signature is in blue, the logo at the top is gold and the printing in the logo is blue, and further under the signature is a mailing address to Patriot Journalist Network.

Now lets look at three letters that have been posted by Frank:

Letter 1 - June 25, 2013

Letter 1 – June 25, 2013

Letter 2 - Sept. 4, 2013

Letter 2 – Sept. 4, 2013

Letter 3 - Nov. 21, 2013

Letter 3 – Nov. 21, 2013

Letter 3 was really the reason this post was written. Why?  Because strangely enough, it was tweeted on Franks timeline on Nov. 21, 2013, the same date the letter was supposedly written.  Since Frank is either in New York City or Nashville, TN, the mail service from the U.S. government must have really improved to have instantaneous delivery!

Now I suppose, the letter could have been FAXed to Frank, but Frank has been very guarded in his identity, I doubt he has a FAX number he would release to anyone.  Further, I don’t think Frank Wolf or his staff is sitting around to Fax letters to bloggers.  Color me skeptical.

Note some other inconsistency between the letters.  Letter 2 has the logo in gold and blue. Letters 1 and 3 have the logo in black & white.  None of the letters are on gold/beige paper.

Frank is very adept at media manipulation.  He touts himself as a NYC media expert.  With today’s technology and using Photoshop, it is possible through layering to produce very real looking pictures, and no one will be the wiser.  Now these letters of Frank may be real, but I’ve seen enough of his distortion of the truth to be highly skeptical.  Maybe he can furnish us with a copy of the mailing envelope with the date and stamp on it.  Maybe he can furnish us with a Fax number.  Perhaps if the Nov. 21 letter was faxed, he can furnish us the cover sheet.

Perhaps there is something I am missing?  Just how did he get a letter from Rep. Frank Wolf written on November 21, 2013 (supposedly) and was able to paste it into tweets on the same day?  Perhaps he can elucidate us on his blog.  We would like to know.

If he can explain how the letter of November 21, 2013 came to be honestly, I will delete this post.  Otherwise it remains.







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2 Responses to Twitter Promotion & EGO

  1. Kathryn Jaco February 7, 2014 at 9:44 pm #

    Well written and so true. I’m glad you’re around to confirm or deny all the BS a person finds on twitter and needs help sorting it all out! Thanks for staying on the job…

  2. Stan Hjerleid - Senior Editor February 24, 2014 at 8:30 pm #

    Well it’s too bad. Frank has talent, it’s just misguided in my opinion

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