#TPFA Dishonesty

Where to start?

While I am loathe to spend time in turf battles with small minds, I feel I need to further address some issues I have with Benghazi-Truth.blogspot.com and the so-called #TPFA – aka Tea Party Fire Ants, so named by someone with the twitter handle @FrankMDavisJR (here after referred to as “Frank”).LiesTruth

I worked with Frank and his mouthpiece Kathy Amidon from December 2012 until August 2013. I was on my own tweeting regularly on #Benghazi when Kathy contacted me and asked if I would please help them out by helping them tweet Congress and Media to find answers to the Benghazi fiasco. I agreed.  So when I say worked, I mean I spent from 5 PM local time to 9-10 PM local time performing that function.  And yes, I did it 7 days a week.

I’m a pretty loyal person, and don’t take loyalty lightly.  In the early stages of this partnership, I was gung-ho, and supported Frank.  I felt he was very talented in writing and I thought his blog posts were good and on-target.  I supported him through 3 different Fox News Boycotts before the light came on.  Somewhere along the way, I go swept up and was not careful enough to see that I was being used, and not in a good way.  I don’t want to belabor the point here, but if you are interested you can read about it HERE, HERE, HERE HERE and HERE although you probably have better things to do.

Purpose of this post

It’s come to my attention that both Frank and Kathy have gone off the deep end.  To that end, they are attacking old team members, team members that they took issue with (like me) and are now on a campaign to try and destroy those people by publishing their names, their children’s names, LinkIn accounts, home phone numbers, and anything else they can dredge up. What this has to do with Benghazi Truth, I have no idea.  If they spent the time they spend tearing other people down (those that disagree with them), and instead spent that time pursuing Benghazi Truth, we’d all be a lot better off. Incidently, as soon as you disagree with them you are labeled a “TROLL”.

One of the recent posts by Frank is shown below.


Pay attention to the TheTeaParty.net  twitter handle @theteaparty_net.  There seems to be a connection to Frank as he can get them to openly tweet against ex-team members (I don’t say ex-TPFA members as they we gone long before Frank came up with TPFA).

If you go to TheTeaParty.net website, you will see a very professional looking website.  Fooled me.  Also go the the twitter account @theteaparty_net and it looks very professional.  After doing some research, I have had an eye-opening experience.  I didn’t realize so many scammers were using “Tea Party” in their name to collect money.  Naive me.

If you do a Google search on TheTeaParty.net and you will come up with some interesting information. One search result is ImpeachObamaToday.blogspot.com.  I can’t vouch for the information here but it sure disturbing if true. One of the names is Grover Norquist and if you don’t know anything about him, go to CenterForSecurityPolicy.org  and watch the FREE Frank Gaffney’s Muslim Brotherhood course.  There are some other big hitters listed, Todd Cefaratti, the founder of TheTeaParty.net.  Look at his background.

FraudNow I wonder, what is the tie in between Todd Cefaratti and Frank?  How was Frank able to get @theteaparty_net to post tweets defaming a so called liberal troll @clarencesilkwow?  I happen to know Clarence and he is not a liberal, in fact very conservative and he’s not a troll (defined above).  To Frank and Kathy, everyone disagreeing with them is a “liberal troll”.  Don’t take my word for it,  follow the the twitter timelines of @Kathy_Amidon, @FrankMDavisJR and the hashtags #TPFA, and #ClipArtDude for a day and verify for yourself.

Just recently they have started soliciting donations to help support TPFA. If you are going to donate to the Tea Party, make you donation to a local Tea Party group that you can verify.

And, BE CAREFUL. If you choose to get involved with Frank & Kathy watch your back.  Don’t say you weren’t forewarned.

Take care and use your talents to help #Benghazi.

Additional Links to Investigate:





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