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Today, one of the original followers of Benghazi-Truth.blogspot.com (BT), (one of the early ones offended and left) emailed me that @FrankMDavisJR  is making a major effort to use the Tea Party name as if he has been anointed by the Tea Party to be their spokesman. She just alerted me to a post on BT dated Dec. 10, 2013.  Since I was a one-time follower of this group (8 months), she felt I should know what was being posted.

If you are going to use Tea Party as part of your logo, shouldn’t you at least be honest?  One of the tenents of the Tea Party is truth.  The Tea Party should not be  shading the truth or flatly lying.  If we want that, we can see that daily from Obama.

I hate wasting my time on BT as I no longer find it credible and talking about it when I can be pushing for #Benghazi investigation seems futile.

The owner of this BT blog is, well who knows, but goes by the twitter handle @FrankMDavisJR, also Proe or Proe Graphique. His main work horse is @Kathy_Amidon.

However I’d like to comment on 3 pieces of this article.

Number One:

In this post of Dec. 10, he states the following:

1. On twitter, this group under the hashtag #TPFA, as you know got the vast lions share of 178  GOP Reps to co-sponsor a Benghazi Select Committee. #TPFA is still a relatively small group and yet we did that. Imagine what could happen if  instead of a few hundred we had 5,000 doing the exact same thing? The difference would be proportional.

He has no proof that #TPFA got the “lions share” of the 178 to co-sponsor HRes36 for a  Benghazi Select Committee.  When we started tweeting the GOP reps to sign on to timeforTruthHRes36 there were about 40 already co-sponsoring. From Jan 2013 to present time, yes, there are 178 co-sponsors now. Did we help persuade some GOP Reps to sign on?  I sure hope so. I know Kathy has several tweets from GOP Reps that did co-sign because of us.


To come out and flatly say “got the vast lions share of 178..”,…. “we did that”.  Pure conjecture. Prove it Frank. Can you get approximately 130 reps to email you that #TPFA was the reason they co-sponsored HRes36. Doubt it…  Oh, I forgot, you don’t have an email address.  Can you get one with your REAL NAME and let us know so we can ask you some questions?

In addition, he implies that several hundred accomplished this.  On the nightly twitter events (later called TPFA Swarms) there were usually 10 or less participants, many nights far fewer.  If you want to talk hundreds, that’s probably how many he has driven out of the #Benghazi twitter cause.  He is very caustic and treats you like you work for him, when in fact you are a volunteer.  If you dare stray from his agenda, woe be to you.

Number 2

Next he states:

2. We did not need a central authority to organize the FOX NEWS TURN RIGHT boycott which, to this day, leaves a resounding dent in Fox News ratings – and told FOX the right is not happy in the way it matters: in FOX NEWS’ pocketbook – the only group to ever accomplish that.

Again, he jiggered some numbers on the Fox News Boycott, but they are suspect. Frank, can you please document the “resounding dent” in their ratings, and while you are at it provide proof that #TPFA was the reason.

TruthFraudYes, I know we got some publicity HERE for about 48 hours (I was part of that)  for which you tweet about every other day. You glommed on to that like you were really involved when in fact you refused to interview with them.

Remember when you said One News America was going to bury Fox?  How’d that go when you tried strong arming One News America?  I think they told you what you could do with your predictions.

Number 3

Finally you state:

I founded the Tea Party Fire Ants #TPFA and am it’s principle strategist. Unless you have achieved those kinds of results yourself, you’ll have to take my word on this unless you have a better idea and can prove it.

I would also add that you have been instrumental in alienating more Benghazi Patriots and anyone who follows your Twitter Time Line only has to read it for a week for that proof.

As an example of what you are currently perpetuating, Recently you have turned very vile.  You have #TPFA people posting personal information on people taking issue with you.  You give out information including children’s names, place of work and our names.  You use @rogdicktater to personally verbally assault women and post these personal assaults and at the same time telling @rogdicktater “I love U, rog UR a true TPFA”, all the while @rogdicktater is using the most vile disgusting words to women on Twitter.

You are great at posting personal information on other people, since you know you are a non-entity and can’t be found.  All the more reason for people to avoid you.

I hate to tell people to waste time but take a little time to watch Frank’s timeline for several days.  That should answer any questions you may have.

And Frank, don’t ask others for proof until you are ready to come out of hiding and prove you are a real person. I would also like to know what your end-game is? The more I watch you, the more confused I become.


If you are a new participant with the #TPFA, I suggest you tread very carefully. Some of the negative tweets that you find on Frank and Kathy’s Time Line are ex-followers (Frank & Kathy call them trolls)  and have already been TREAD ON. You have been warned.

This has already been a long post but if you would like to read on I will give you a little history of my background with BT.  Mainly boring stuff and you probably have better things to do, but just in case you don’t here goes:

Some Of My BT History

I was an avid follower of BT from Nov. 2012 until Aug 2013.  But as with all things, per President Reagan, trust but verify.

I was asked by Kathy Amidon in January 2013, if I would be interested in helping promote their tweets and promote the #Benghazi cause.  Being relatively new to Twitter, I was flattered to be asked to help, so I jumped in with both feet.  Probably Ego overriding common sense.

I participated almost every evening from 7PM to 10PM ET, tweeting Senators, Representatives and Fox news about #Benghazi.  I participated in 3 different Fox News Boycotts and that’s where things started to go astray.  You can read several of my previous posts on the subject, HERE, HERE, & HERE,  if you are interested in my history.  Needless to say, it was over the Fox News Boycotts that was my eye opener.

I started to step back and reevaluate what I was doing.  I think it is safe to say, “my elevator didn’t go to the top floor”.  I didn’t vett  BT, Kathy Amidon or FrankMDavisJR (Frank) . Sometimes is very easy to get swept up in the magic of the moment and let common sense be overruled.

As I started to further analyze what was going on, I was well aware that some very concerned, patriotic,caring individuals would tweet with our nightly group and then just fade away.  That was concerning to me.  I noticed a lot of these patriots were still tweeting #Benghazi, but no longer participating with our 7- 9 PM group.  Question is WHY?

I should have suspected something was not up to snuff.  For instance, after we would tweet for an hour or so, Frank would check in and then he and Kathy would DM each other coming up with a plan on how to direct our tweets.  This was all done behind “closed doors” (sound familiar?). What they both failed to realize was that we were volunteers.  We did this of our own free wills. Frank acted like we worked for him and had to take his orders.


I like Kathy Amidon. She’s a real person.  I have had numerous phone conversations with her and they were always constructive.  She has put in countless hours promoting BT, many days starting at 5AM ET until 10 PM ET with not many breaks.  Now I haven’t vetted Kathy and for all I know I was being used but I feel she treated me honestly.  We didn’t always agree but we were respectful of each other. I have seen numerous recent tweets that I don’t agree with.  I feel she is being used by Frank and is unable to break the bond. Maybe I should have been suspicious of her.  I noticed all of her calls made to me, she was in a park, never at home.  That’s kind of curious.


If you read BT, you will notice Frank is a gifted writer.  He can certainly write a lot better than I can.  When he sets his mind to it, he can put forth a powerful argument to support a cause.


Frank aka Twitter Handle @FrankMDavisJR is an unknown quantity.  He’s a ghost. Nobody (except maybe Kathy) knows who he is.  He claims to be a 25 year NYC media expert.  Yet try to find his real identity.  How can someone be as active on the internet as he is, not have left a single shred of evidence as to his true identity?  He also goes by Proe and Proe Graphique.  Try to locate an address, phone number or his real name and you will come up short.

He won’t even purchase a domain name for his interests.  Why?  Is he afraid he might reveal his identity?  He can blog on blogspot.com without fear of having to divulge any personal information.

He makes big claims for the hashtag #TPFA – meaning Tea Party Fire Ants.  One of the tweeters on the nightly group suggested the name and he jumped on it immediately, and using his graphic skills, quickly came up with a Fire Ant graphic and now promotes his blog as “The Home of the Tea Party Fire Ants”.

This BT site has no official sanction by any Tea Party organization, so “buyer beware”.

Try to find a mailing address or phone number for Tea Party Fire Ants.  Try to find a mailing address or phone number for Proe, Proe Graphique or FrankMDavisJR.

He daily posts copies of a letters from Rep. Frank Wolf, sponsor of HRes36.  How did he get these letters?  Wolf’s office has been contacted and they have no address for Frank.  Maybe he put his graphic artist abilities to use and came up with phony letters!. Who knows.

We need Patriots to keep pounding on #Benghazi.  If you are one of the folks helping Kathy, Frank and BT, then keep you eyes open.

Take care


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