Scary Clown aka Frank M Davis JR

 First the positive

I like to give credit where credit is due, which is more than Frank will do. When I first started following his blog in

Frank M Davis JR

Frank M Davis JR

Oct/Nov of 2012 I thought some of his posts were very good.  When he sets his mind to it he can formulate a very persuasive argument.  In the beginning I thought he was on target.  Then something changed.

I noticed he was very opinionated and would not tolerate anyone who had a different point of view.  This fatal flaw has become more and more evident as time goes on.  I truly feel he has wasted a gift he possesses.  If he could only learn to work with people not against them, who knows the positive results he could achieve.

Now my 2 Cents

Don’t know why I’m wasting valuable time doing this, but I guess I needed a break from some of life’s problems. I no longer read his blog or follow his timeline.  However every once in awhile, I’ll see a re-tweet on my timeline and I just can’t refrain from responding.

Now the Negative

The tweets shown below showed up on my twitter timeline last week. I felt a response was needed.

First of all Frank, in the tweet below, you claim Tea Party Fire Ants was invented/used MONTHS before he squatted the domain.  Prove it.  Pull up a tweet with Tea Party Fire Ants “MONTHS” before April 2, 2013 when Donnie purchased the domain.  I was part of Kathy’s tweeting group every night for about 3 hours a night and the first time I can find the usage of Tea Party Fire Ant is March 13, 2013.  I thought you came up with the name but Kathy corrected me and said @Pugs47 came up with it. Whatever, you didn’t waste any time coming up with your clip art for a Tea Party Fire Ant clip-art.













So the date shown on that clip-art is Mar. 13 2013.  By my calculations that’s 20 DAYS, not MONTHS as you suggest.  I’ll eat my words if you can find a tweet using Tea Party Fire Ants MONTHS before in other words, since Months is plural, find me a tweet that is before Feb. 2, 2013, using Tea Party Fire Ants. That would validate “MONTHS BEFORE”





Frank is big on name calling. I guess “chimney sweep” was meant to be demeaning.  Well Frank, I’ll side with this “chimney sweep” any day rather that believe you, a 25 year Media Pro in NYC.  You give Media Pros a bad name.



Cybersquatting (also known as domain squatting), according to the United States federal law known as the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, is registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. (emphasis mine). The cybersquatter then offers to sell the domain to the person or company who owns a trademark contained within the name at an inflated price.

My reading of this says “profit from the goodwill of a trademark”.  Last time I checked, Tea Party Fire Ants is not trademarked. Where is this trademark registered Frank? And since Donnie’s ownership is “actionable in court”, then why don’t you take it to court?  But then, you may have to come out of hiding and pony up some legal fees, so I doubt you will take this step.

Frank is big on domain squatting as he was all bent out of shape when he found out Donnie got the domain.  I re-call Kathy relayed to me how upset he was and didn’t have the money to invest in a domain name.  I said I would be willing to help out in buying a domain, but Frank was too cheap. I told Kathy at the time that, Donnie did nothing wrong.  He saw an opportunity and took the chance that he could use the domain to make some money. I don’t know what his plans were but so what. If he wants to sell T-Shirts, or cups, that’s called entrepreneurship. And if he wants to sell the domain for a profit, that’s OK too.  That’s called domain flipping.  In real estate there is something called house flipping.  If Frank would get off his high horse, maybe he could make an offer to Donnie for the domain!  Have you tried that Frank?

Further in the screen shot above Frank states “You bought the domains after our name  was FAMOUS (emphasis mine).  Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines FAMOUS:


adjective \ˈfā-məs\

: known or recognized by very many people : having fame

Full Definition of FAMOUS

a :  widely known

b :  honored for achievement


:  excellent, first-rate

Hmmm.  How many people really know about Tea Party Fire Ants.  What planet do you live on Frank? I checked your hashtag TPFA last Saturday and there were 54 tweets of which 39 were yours or re-tweets of you by Kathy, 5 were by Kathy.  That leaves 10 tweets by others and 3 were by people laughing at you.  That means your “famous” #TPFA was inhabited by at most 7 uninformed tweeters and by the time next week rolls around, you will have driven them out.


Frank, get yourself some self-help books on positive thinking and people management.  Work on your social skills.  Realize the sun doesn’t rise and set in your rear end.  You have some talent Frank, if you could only learn how to channel it. And by the way, you need to buy Kathy some expensive wine and flowers to show her appreciation for steadfastly supporting you for so long.


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Stan is the Senior Editor for He is a Tea Party Conservative and very concerned about the future of America. He is a Navy Veteran having served aboard the destroyer USS Laffey for 4 years. For the last 12 years he co-owns with his wife, Happy Cat Retreat, a cat boarding facility. He has owned 2 photography studios for 12 years and worked as an IT Specialist for 14 years. He loves animals and raises parrots in his spare time. He is also an avid road bicyclist and motorcyclist.

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  1. Kathryn Jaco April 27, 2014 at 5:34 pm #

    You really hit the nail on the head. I can’t say I believe it will do any good for Frank b/c he appears 2 B the type who cannot abide constructive criticism . It is nice of U 2 try. I wish 4 his sake it did him some good!

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