My Review of Jack Cashill’s Scarlet Letters

A few years ago I used to be a fan of Jack Cashill. But no more. I have picked up Scarlet Letters 4 times and can’t get through the first two chapters. I have to ask myself what prompted me to part with $30 for this.Scarlet Letters

Let’s look at the first paragraph of Chapter 1.

In those heady first years after the Russian Revolution, tremors from the east tripped the internal Richter scales of sensitive souls from Mitte to Montmarte to Greenwich Village. One Villager who felt the shock was crusading birth control advocate Margaret Sanger. Although she did not think Marxism the solution to her issue – “the sexual and racial chaos” then vexing liberal America – she knew many an aspiring bohemian who bought the whole package.

Cashill seems to be enthralled with seeing how many cutesy modifiers he can put in one sentence. Every paragraph seems to more of the same. Granted, I just may not be smart enough to read someone with such deep thoughts.

I should have known just by reading the subtitle of this book “The Ever Increasing Intolerance of The Cult of Liberalism Exposed”. In the great grand scheme of things, this doesn’t rank very high with me.

He found someone by the name of Herbert Meyer to state “The best investigative journalist of our time” to grace the rear cover. In this book and his last book “You Lie”, Cashill’s investigative techniques seems to be doing a Google search for his facts. In this book, he constantly quotes little bits and pieces from other authors. For example, he brings up Peter Hitchens and writes “The “old morality”, as he saw it lacked the conviction to withstand “the sneering assault of our modern age.” I assume the whole book is like this as the first two chapters are peppered with writing like this.

Best Investigative Journalist? I think not. He’s not in the same category with someone like Sharyl Attkisson.

I’m giving this book 2 stars, only because at least he is participating in the Free Enterprise system. Save your money.

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