My Fox News Boycott Has Ended…

All Good Things Must Come To An End

I was part of a group of Benghazi Patriots that were concerned that Fox News was moving Left and we wanted them to understand that this was unacceptable.  We wanted them to turn back to the Right.boycott

I was an avid Fox viewer, probably too avid. I usually watched at least 3 hours per day and had it on in the background during other times.

I’ve been critical of Fox. I understand that they have to serve a wide audience and my point of view is only mine.  I supported Greta to some of my friends that did not support her.  That changed when she did a complete whitewash when she interviewed Hillary on Benghazi.  I no longer will watch her show because I feel I have seen her true colors.

Another person I was critical of was Judge Jeanine. When Benghazi was initially a story she was very good.  When it was no longer headline news she started promoting her show as having Benghazi news, but I could watch her whole hour show and she would give a 5 – 15 second snippet at the end.  I was disappointed and quit watching her program.

When we started the boycott, I was a good soldier (sailor) and lived up to my commitment. Fox was turned off on March 8, 2013 and hasn’t been on since.  I did periodically see a Fox snippet on the Internet as they are hard to miss. Almost all news reports seem to have a Fox YouTube video embedded.

Why I Am Leaving The Group

All was fine until Sunday when I was reading AmericanThinker and one of my favorite writers had a story containing a 12 minute video of Judge Jeanine excoriating the Obama administration on Benghazi.

I viewed the video and felt that it was on target and didn’t pull any punches.  It supported what our group was working 24/7  to accomplish, get Benghazi answers and hold the people responsible for the Benghazi dead accountable. My mistake was sharing this video with some of my fellow boycotters. It did not set well with them.

Sorry, but I tend to look for good, and when I find it I like to point it out.  Our original goal was to get Fox to turn Right.  Well what does that mean? Does that mean I can’t express an opinion pointing out when they do something that indicates they are heading in the right direction? I felt this video was so on target that Fox and Judge Jeanine should know that I felt this was indeed a positive story and was pointing Right.  If we can never find anything good that they are doing, we are aiding and abetting their Left Turn as far as I am concerned.

Does this mean she wasn’t after ratings? No.  Does this mean she didn’t have alternative motives and was only interested in “her show”? No.  Does this mean I won’t be critical of her? No.

But for this one video, I still feel she was right on target.

I have been weaned off my dependence on Fox for my news but I am no longer going to boycott them.  I hope they will move Right. They have some excellent reporters, Catherine Herridge, Jennifer Griffin, & Bret Baier.  There are others too.

I Learned A Lot

And I have learned from this process too.  No matter what group you may become associated with, you have to be careful. You too can be brainwashed.  I think I am an independent thinker and for me the decision to stop boycotting Fox is my idea and no one controls who and what I watch. (unless Obama gets his way). I march to my own drummer.

Word To The Wise

You have to be careful. I found out the hard way, and others have too. In our group if you mention the word Fox, you will immediately be criticized. I know for a fact that this boycott issue has severely damaged the Patriots that were participating in this group.  Many of them have moved on and no longer participate with the group. I tried and gave it my best shot but my inner guidance tells me it’s time to move on.

This group, and you know who you are, is doing very important work in trying to get Benghazi answers.  They work diligently 7 days a week to contact members of Congress to get them to look out for America. They are very committed and I learned a lot from them. I fully support what they are doing.  I will continue to send Patriots to them.

If you are one of their members, I hope you will continue supporting them.  I will miss working with you and wish you the best.

I leave you with the video referenced in this blog, you can draw your own conclusions.

The Video


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2 Responses to My Fox News Boycott Has Ended…

  1. Bob Greenspan August 23, 2013 at 7:18 pm #

    Stan I just read your Blog and now I understand why when I was a Neophyte on Twitter, around March of this year, I was criticized for Tweeting that I Liked Fox and thought they were doing a good Job on Benghazi. I would include in this group Bret Baier, Catherine Herridge, Sean Hannity, Jennifer Griffin, Judge Jeanine, Greta and others.

    I feel this way because they are the Only News Organization I know of (There may be others but I am not aware of any) that has done at least two full hour Specials on Benghazi plus report on new developments as they occur. I also commend Sean for paying for Mrs. Smith (Sean Smiths mother) to fly, with a friend, from San Diego to NY to appear on his show. He paid, out of his own pocket, for their Air Fare, Hotel, Food and spending money in NY.

  2. Kristen Snow-White March 9, 2014 at 3:14 pm #

    Stan, I have nothing but mad respect and epic appreciation for you and your commitment to the TRUTH about the massacre in #Benghazi! I honestly do not have the vocabulary (public school, don’tcha know) to express my appreciation for you as a Veteran and as an all around good person! I trust you 100% and that’s not something that doesn’t come easy for me having entered the mysterious and often deceitful world of Social Media.

    It is because of your HONESTY and COMMITMENT to doing the right thing that I ask, once again, for a/k/a @FrankMDavisJr of #TPFA to make a SINCERE and PUBLIC apology to YOU, Stan, for calling you a “Nazi.” It really doesn’t get much worse or much lower than for someone who was once an ally who depended on you, praised you and thanked you for your hard work on HIS BEHALF to make such a vile statement while hiding like a coward behind the safe confines of his/her computer screen.

    I worry every day about the new people that @FrankMDavisJr and his “mouthpiece” @Kathy_Amidon “Follow” to increase their “Fire Ant Farm” numbers. Instead of doing any work for GOOD, TRUTH or JUSTICE, they recruit so they can SLAM, SPAM & SLANDER outside of their gaggle of SOCK Twitter accounts.

    Again Jr, your “Nazi” reference was VILE and UNACCEPTABLE. It’s time to MAN (or WOMAN)-UP, retract that statement and PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE for being such a disrespectful douche.

    Kristen Snow-White <-Real Name! Your turn!

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