How To Tweet A #Benghazi REPLY To A Senator/Rep.’s Tweet

RepTweet2One of the techniques we use when tweeting to our Congressmen and media personalities is to tweet a reply to one of their tweets.

Why you may ask do we do this? If you just tweet directly to a Congressman, they may or may not even see it. It will end up on their timeline and in a few minutes probably disappear along with all the other tweets they are getting.

However, when a Congressman posts a tweet, it is usually to toot their own horn, gain publicity for something they have done, or in a lot of cases just to look important. More than likely they will monitor the response to the tweet to see how their constituents received this information and are looking for comments to boost their ego.

Therefore to be effective, we want to post a REPLY to one of their tweets. That way the comment STICKS as a REPLY to their tweet and everyone can see it. Not only that, they can’t remove it.

So as you might suspect, unfavorable tweets get their attention. That’s what we are doing, calling attention to lawmakers that refuse to take action to get a full investigation of the Benghazi coverup.

Here is a video I made to try and explain what I am talking about. It’s 10 minutes so doesn’t take too long.


 The reason I became interested in this is because of the Benghazi cover-up. The media is not interested in investigating. Most Senators and Reps aren’t either. Therefore a group of us gather each evening to post tweets to various Senators, Representatives and media types. If they are not supportive of investigating Benghazi, the tweets are not flattering. If they are supportive of the investigation we give them kudos.  After 7 months of this activity we have gained the attention of major media as well as Senators and Representatives.

But this attention has been achieved only by using Twitter correctly and by that I mean tweeting REPLIES to their tweets.

So if you are going to hashtag #Benghazi and just tweeting, you aren’t accomplishing much.  Probably the only people seeing your tweets are other people with the same concerns as you, as they say, “you are preaching to the choir”.

So if you are really wanting to make a difference, take a minute to go directly to a Senator or Representative twitter account, locate one of their recent tweets and POST A REPLY to that tweet.

There you have it.  Hope that helps and good tweeting.


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