The GOP’s and Media’s Smoke Screen on Hillary’s eMails

The GOP’s and Media’s Smoke Screen on Hillary’s eMails


I’m confused, but I’m tired of reading all the posts, emails, commentary etc., concerning Trey Gowdy et. al., getting access to Hillary’s emails.

We read or hear how computer experts can recover most or a lot of the information that has been deleted on a hard drive.  That much is true.  Forensic experts can recover bits and pieces of deleted information on a hard drive.

I have worked as an IT specialist in a government server room.  I have worked on many government servers.  Without getting too technical, usually data is distributed between 2 or 3 hard drives by a process involving a RAID controller. Here is what a server may look like:

HPServerNote the Red Arrows are pointing to 4 hard drives.  This server has 8 total hard drives;

Now here is what a typical server hard drive looks like:

HPHard Drive

So this is similar to each of the hard drives shown in the server above.  Now how long or how hard do you think it would be to pull on the little red tab and pull the hard drive out? About 10 seconds if you are slow.

What I am getting at here is, you can probably forget getting the server from Hillary and giving it to a forensic team.  Why?  Because all someone has to do is go to the server and physically remove the 2 or 3 hard drives (they are made to slide out from the front panel), conceal them in a black garbage bag, carry them to the nearest garbage dumpster and voila, tomorrow they are resting quietly in the bottom of a massive garbage dump.

Then 2 or 3 fresh, clean hard drives can be reinserted in the server and there will be no incriminating evidence to be found.

I suppose she can be accused of destroying evidence, but proving that will take time and maybe never happen.

My conclusion that if any emails are ever found, they will be found on someone else’s email account.  But remember all her close buddies used her server too.  Still, eventually someone will screw up and spill the beans.

Gowdy needs to subpoena the email accounts of everyone Hillary had contact with.  But it seems that the word subpoena doesn’t seem to have much “punch” or support from our elected officials.

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