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Seeing the tweets by twitter user @FrankMDavisJR is tiring and a waste of twitter bandwidth.Fraud_Alert

I looked up the definition of bloviate (O’Reilly uses the word all the time) and here is the definition:

intr.v. blo·vi·at·ed, blo·vi·at·ing, blo·vi·ates Slang. To discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner: “the rural Babbitt who bloviates about ‘progress’ and 

Boy if that doesn’t describe Frank (and O’Reilly) to a “T”, I don’t know what does.

Now Frank’s latest gig is a “Tea Party Challenge”.

Let’s look at a piece of the clip-art put out by Frank aka #ClipArtDude:



Let’s look at Item 1.


Sad to say, I was part of that.  My name was mentioned in the Newsweek article because I agreed to talk to the reporter. When I brought this up to Kathy, she was highly critical and said I shouldn’t have talked to them without clearing it through Frank.  Notice in the article, Kathy refused an interview but directed inquirers to the Benghazi Truth website. Question? Why did she refuse an interview?  How about Frank, they wanted to interview him too. The reporter, David Freedlander told me that he wanted to interview both of them.  But again, The Great Pretender wouldn’t come out of hiding. It wasn’t until the article gained some notoriety that Frank jumped on the bandwagon and took full credit for the article.  Here is the link to the article that Frank is orgasmic about: Tea Partiers Boycott

How does Frank measure these things? What means of measurement is he using to claim we had any effect on Fox re-hiring Sarah Palin?  What measurement is he using to prove we had any effect on more Fox Benghazi coverage? He can’t back up either one of these claims.  They are simply a figment of his imagination. In fact this is where I locked horns with he and Kathy when I brought up a great piece by Judge Jeanine. Both of them jumped all over me for tweeting this and that is when I said Sayounara.

Now we may have had some effect, but who knows?  He’s collected a bunch of numbers that said Fox’s ratings way down, but seems like they are still in business.  He also said Fox would be out of business in less than 2 years. so they only have one year left I guess.  He said One America News would bury Fox but when he tried to strong arm them, they told him to take a powder.

Finally, Item 3.


Nowhere in the three letters he has posted (their authenticity is suspect) is the word “critical” used.  There were several congressmen that I think we may have swayed.  Again taking a lot of credit without documenting numbers.  There were quite a few of us non-TPFA  patriots that tweeted congress too.  Also a perusal of #Benghazi will show this happening continuously, so who’s to say the impact of TPFA was “critical”. Helpful, yes – critical, you make the call.

Frank has NOT Swarmed Congress every single night for 1 year.  Kathy, yes but Frank, no. Many times Frank showed up after we had been tweeting for a couple hours, would respond to several of us and agree with one of our tweets (build our ego) that supported his agenda. I fell into his trap and guess my ego responded, sad to say. I thought I was being supportive when in fact I was being used.  Then, he and Kathy would start Direct Messaging each other, planning how to use the group to further his agenda of the day or week.

I will say this much about Frank.  I think he could say that he has spent the last year driving people out of the TPFA faster than Kathy could bring them in.  That’s his real accomplishment for the last year. The list of good people, good patriots that he has offended in the last year is massive.

The truly pathetic part of this story is that Kathy has worked very long hours on this only to have the good-will undermined by Frank.  God only knows the effect they could have had if this effort had been constructive instead of destructive.


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