Fifth Column: The Muslim Brotherhood – Submitted By Dee Fatouros


“We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” Ayn Rand

I have often commented that the harbingers of the truth are excoriated, demonized, ridiculed, etc.
Regarding the pathetic state into which America has sunk, much of the citizenry is seemingly either in a state of denial or so overwhelmed by everyday life that it is impossible to get a grasp on reality. The latter either depend on the sanitized version of “news” from the Soros dominated MSM, or are too exhausted to even care about what is happening. The former know and see what is occurring, but refuse to admit reality either because they are complicit, or in a state of denial.
Denial is probably one of the best known defense mechanisms, used often to describe situations in which people seem unable to face reality or admit an obvious truth (i.e. “He’s in denial.”). Denial is an outright refusal to admit or recognize that something has occurred or is currently occurring. Drug addicts or alcoholics often deny that they have a problem, while victims of traumatic events may deny that the event ever occurred.
Denial functions to protect the ego from things that the individual cannot cope with. While this may save us from anxiety or pain, denial also requires a substantial investment of energy. Because of this, other defenses are also used to keep these unacceptable feelings from consciousness.
In many cases, there might be overwhelming evidence that something is true, yet the person will continue to deny its existence or truth because it is too uncomfortable to face.
The United States has shown itself to be politically unable to deal with the challenge posed by political Islam and what needs to be done to meet it. The states of the international state system, including those of the Middle East, are vertical entities whose greatest threat across modern history has come from horizontal ideologies capable of mobilizing masses of people in a fighting cause that transcends state loyalties; communism was that, and so is Islamism. Each is a fully comprehensive doctrine that rejects the nation-state as the fundamental entity of world affairs and aims to replace it with a one-size-fits-all, top-down form of global governance.
American strategies since Sept. 11 have failed to grasp this reality: “counter-terrorism,” or “The War on Terror,” could only try to confront a tactic, not an ideology; “counter-insurgency” conceivably could start to shore up troubled states but was soon abandoned by the U.S. on the grounds that “we don’t do nation-building”; the emergence of ISIS was the “horizontal” movement’s breakthrough—an army that could take and hold territory. The U.S. does not at present have an Authorization for the Use of Military Force that comprehends this reality. Thus when President Obama called for American military action to degrade and destroy ISIS, he could only use the word “terrorism” to describe the challenge faced. Here is a case where strategists from Confucius to Thucydides to Machiavelli understood that actions cannot be successful when “words lose their meaning” and their connection to what needs to be done. continue
The following link: Timeline Of Islam  provides a time line of Islamic history including its beginning, and expansion through war and conquest.
The Art Of Deception:

Taqiyya and Kitman 

Are the time honored tools of Muslims wishing to conceal their true beliefs and agenda:
Tradecraft, Persona, Deception, Disinformation, Cover Western operational terms and techniques. But, Islamic terrorists have their own terms: taqiyya (pronounced tak-e-ya): precautionary dissimulation or deception and keeping one’s convictions secret and a synonymous term, and kitman: mental reservation and dissimulation or concealment of malevolent intentions…
Taqiyya and kitman or ‘holy hypocrisy’ has been diffused throughout Arabic culture for over fourteen hundred years since it was developed by Shiites as a means of defense and concealment of beliefs against Sunni unbelievers. As the Prophet said: ‘he who keeps secrets shall soon attain his objectives.’
The skillful use of taqiyya and kitman was often a matter of life and death against enemies; it is also a matter of life and death to many contemporary Islamic terrorists. As so often in the history of Islam, a theological doctrine became operational. 

Dualism: Koran of Medina vs Koran of Mecca

The most difficult thing to understand about Islam is discerning the mixed message we keep hearing. The government, media and professors talk about a wonderful Islam that is a blessing to humanity and America, in particular. This Islam is so wonderful that anyone who resists it is a bigot, a hater, an Islamophobe. But there is another Islam that lurks in the background—violence, rape, lies, deception, and ever increasing Muslim immigration.
So which is it? Is Islam a blessing or a curse? More importantly, what is the basis for making such a decision? There is one and only one basis for making any judgment about Islam—its doctrine. That basis is not the opinions of TV commentators, the newspaper, the professor, or even the Islamic scholar or imam. The only basis for any factual statement about Islam comes from the Koran and the Sunnah, the perfect model of Mohammed’s actions and words. The Sunnah is found in the Hadith, the traditions of Mohammed, and the Sira, his biography.
What does Islamic doctrine tell us about wonderful and warlike? Oddly enough, it tells that both are true.
The first place to look for violence is to see what Islamic doctrine says about jihad……
Look at the Koran. In Mecca the Koran is about religion and hymns to god. In Medina the Koran becomes a vision statement of universal, eternal jihad. The Koran gives a rule, called abrogation, to resolve the problem. The later verse is stronger or better than the earlier verse. But, notice that the earlier verse is still true, because it came from the perfect Allah. Allah cannot ever be wrong.
The Polarities of Islam:
Islam is dualistic.
Is Islam peaceful? Yes.
Is Islam violent? Yes.
What is the true nature of Islam? It is peaceful and it is violent. 
It is peaceful when it needs to be and violent when it that is the best option.
Dualism is Islam’s greatest strength. It gives every apologist a reason to believe in peaceful Islam and every jihadist a basis to murder Kafirs (non-Muslims).
For a list of recent “activities” engaged in by the “Religion Of Peace”, go here :

It’s a cute picture, but while this counter-protester was holding up her sign in Arizona on Friday, Muslims with an actual understanding of Islam were raping captured Yazidi teens while forcing them to recite verses from the Qur’an. 
There are four different places in the Qur’an authorizing Muslim men to keep women as sex slaves, but not once does it say that Allah (or “Islam”) loves non-believers.
(Read what the Qur’an really says about non-Muslims here).
Stage 1. Establish a Beachhead
Population density à 2% (US, Australia, Canada).
Muslims are conciliatory, deferential but request harmless special treatment (foot bath facilities, removal/elimination of that which is offensive to delicate Muslim sensibilities – like walking dogs near Mosques).
Stage 2. Establish Outposts
Population density 2% – 5% (UK, Germany, Denmark).
At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.  A recent example is that of Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal who is back in Jamaica after being kicked out of the UK.  Sound harmless? 
The dispatch, dated February 2010, warns that that Jamaica could be fertile ground for jihadists because of its underground drug economy, marginalized youth, insufficient security and gang networks in U.S. and British prisons.
Stage 3. Establish Sectional Control of Major Cities.
Population density 5% – 10%  (France, Sweden, Netherlands).
First comes the demand for halal food in supermarkets, and the blocking of streets for prayers; then comes the demand for self rule (within their ghettos) under Sharia.  When Muslims approach 10% of the population the demands turn to lawlessness.  In Paris, we are already seeing car-burnings.  Any criticism of Islam results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam.  In France which may be over the 10% range, the minority Muslim populations live in ghettos, within which they are 100% Muslim, and within which they live by Sharia Law.  The national police do not even enter these ghettos.  There are no national courts, nor schools, nor non-Muslim religious facilities.  In such situations, Muslims do not integrate into the community at large.  The children attend madrassas.  They learn only the Koran.  To even associate with an infidel is a crime punishable with death.
Stage 4. Establish Regional Control.
Population density 20%  -  50% (Europe 2020?).
After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues.
Stage 5. Total Control, Brutal Suppression, and Dhimmitude.
Population density >  50%.
Unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and jizya, the tax placed on infidels.  As Muslim population levels increase and all infidels cower in submission there will peace at last.  Dar al-Islam is achieved and everyone lives under Sharia and the Koran is the only word.

The Muslim Brotherhood:


Type of Organization:Islamist transnational political organization
Place of Origin: Egypt
Year of Origin: 1928
Founder(s): Hassan al-Banna
Places of Operation: Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Western and Central Europe, United States, Canada, and Australia- 
For those who have the time, Gafney: The Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. is an excellent source of information on the entire subject of the shocking depth of MB infiltration into our system:
Have you ever asked yourself why, despite more than ten years of efforts –involving, among other things, the loss of thousands of lives in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, well-over a trillion dollars spent, countless man-years wasted waiting in airport security lines and endless efforts to ensure that no offense is given to seemingly permanently aggrieved Muslim activists – are we no closer to victory in the so-called “war on terror” than we were on 9/11?Thankfully, we have been able to kill some dangerous bad guys. The sad truth of the matter is that, by almost any other measure, the prospect of victory is becoming more remote by the day. And no one seems able to explain the reason.
In an effort to provide the missing answer, on April 24, the Center for Security Policy is making available via the Internet a new, free ten-part video course called “The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within.” This course connects the proverbial dots, drawing on a wealth of publicly available data and first-hand accounts to present a picture that has, for over a decade, been obscured, denied and suppressed:
America faces in addition to the threat of violent jihad another, even more toxic danger – a stealthy and pre-violent form of warfare aimed at destroying our constitutional form of democratic government and free society. The Muslim Brotherhood is the prime-mover behind this seditious campaign, which it calls “civilization jihad.”
Course synopsis–Parts 3,5,6, & 7 may not be well known to the reader, and they are extremely unsettling:
Part 1: The Threat Doctrine of Shariah & the Muslim Brotherhood
The first section of this briefing explains what shariah is according to the authorities and institutions of Islam and as promoted most aggressively by an organization called the Muslim Brotherhood
Part 2: The Brotherhood’s ‘Civilization Jihad’ in America
The Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy for realizing its mission of “destroying Western civilization from within” was described in an undated 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document entitled “Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan.” In this part, we investigate what they’re doing to implement it.
Part 3: Brotherhood Influence Operations Against ‘Policy Groups’: Conservatives & the GOP
A closer look at one of the Ikhwan’s most successful influence operations: its penetration and manipulation of the Republican Party and the conservative movement in America.
Part 4: Suhail Khan, A Case Study in Influence Operations
If we are to understand the full nature of the threat posed by the likes of Suhail Khan, which is — as Sun Tsu admonishes — a prerequisite to counteracting that threat, we need to examine the Khan case study in closer detail.
Part 5: The Organizations Islamists Are Using to Subvert the Right
The next part of this briefing offers some illustrative examples of the myriad ways in which Grover Norquist and his team are still very actively and purposefully promoting the Islamist agenda — with considerable, and toxic, effect.
Part 6: Electing Islamist Republicans
In this part, we consider how several individuals with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or other Islamists have been groomed to run for office as Republicans. The careers of Grover Norqust proteges Kamal Nawash, Faisal Gill, and Imad ‘David’ Ramadan are given close scrutiny.
Part 7: Advancing the Islamists’ Agendas
Building infrastructure and running candidates helps with the third part of Grover Norquist’s ongoing Islamist influence operation: advancing the agendas of the civilization jihadists or, at a minimum, promoting agendas that serve the Islamists’ interests.
Part 8: Team Obama & the Islamists
The Obama administration has greatly exacerbated the penetration of the U.S. government achieved during the Bush administration. This part of the course will concentrate on illustrative examples of Muslim Brotherhood-associated individuals who have been allowed access to – and, in some cases, given positions in the Obama administration. This part is a case study of Rashad Hussain, Huma Abedin, Daliah Mogahed, Kifa Mustapha, Momamed Elibiary, and Mohamed Magid.
Part 9: Team Obama & the Islamist Agenda
In 2008, Barack Obama began “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” He has certainly done so with respect to policies favored by Islamists. This part is a two-hour deep drill-down into the disastrous policies of the Obama White House, its State Department, Defense Department, Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, and more.
Part 10: What’s to be Done?
How to defeat the most serious and imminent of such dangers in our time: the Islamist doctrine of shariah and the efforts of its adherents to impose it world-wide, on Muslims and non-Muslims alike, through violent means or by stealth.
The videos vary in length and can be listened to as well as viewed separately in order to accommodate one’s convenience. . 
Paralyzed by Inaction and Complicity U.S. Congress refuses to act. They are in denial, and paid well to be so. Lobbyists and government perks keep them fat, happy, and stupid. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a regional headquarters in Doha, Qatar, home of the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Indeed, some of America’s most respected companies do business with Al-Thani family, who last year pledged $1 billion to the terrorist government, including Hamas, in Gaza.Georgetown University and the Brookings Institution are also in this sand-swept desert oasis of revolutionary Islam, along with many other top-tier universities and think tanks.
Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Professor John Esposito
So far has the establishment, in particular the Obama administration and the progressive left, merged with the global Muslim Brotherhood, that Harvard University and Northwestern University are actually helping build an Islamic sharia law school in Qatar — a country which has been aptly nicknamed an “ATM for Terrorists.
”There are enough hard, verifiable facts available on Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of Washington, D.C. that there is no need to stretch the truth. Qatar’s associations with the nation’s capital and the players who run it are alone enough to fill a volume, or two.
For an excellent example of mind crippling Political Correctness to be fed to the masses, go here :

Former chief speechwriter for George W. Bush from 2001-06 Michael Gerson has decided that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and talk radio represent the voices of extremists who should be demagogued and marginalized. Jindal should be targeted for expressing concerns about Islamic infiltration and talk radio for providing him a forum while giving voice to similar views. Upon further review and analysis, the real reason for Gerson’s use of the primitive, psychological defense mechanism known as denial very well could be that he was an integral part of a failed post-9/11 strategy that involved embracing Muslim leaders who were linked to the Muslim Brotherhood; the truth is therefore a threat.
Fortunately, Jindal is not backing down. In response to Gerson’s attack, Jindal wrote acontra piece that included the following:
We have a president who even refuses to acknowledge the Islamic component of violent, radical Islam and it seems too much of this White House’s political correctness has infected commentators like Mr. Gerson.We cannot choose a president in 2016 who shares Mr. Obama’s failed philosophy or Mr. Gerson’s brake-pedal social sensitivity.
The source of Gerson’s ‘social sensitivity’ very much needs to be exposed if America is going to survive because Gerson has a lot to protect, to include the preservation of legacies and political careers, to include his own. continue reading
There remain far too many who are deceived by the silky tongued serpents who promote Islam as a religion of peace. Their Western minds simply cannot comprehend the evil Islamofascist agenda of a world wide Caliphate under Sharia Law. 
These people, many of whom are good hearted, have neither personal nor historical knowledge of Islam’s bloody history. They, like our esteemed President, will refer to the Crusades and/or the Spanish Inquisition as a counter argument. 
They do not understand that the Crusades were a response to Islamic aggression in the Holy Land, and that the Spanish Inquisition was a political tool used by the Monarchy to eliminate enemies of their rule–not to ferret out heretics.
Bringing up abuses by human beings in the name of the Church centuries ago does not compare to the the history of brutal Islamic conquest of, and in many cases, elimination of other cultures. Outright oppression, murder, and rape were accepted and condoned tools for the establishment of the Caliphate, and continue to be practiced this very day. ISIS is Islamic, and following the Quran, despite what our President publicly says. He knows the truth.

There are Muslims who leave Islam but do so quietly lest they be executed for apostasy. There are also many Muslims who would like to eliminate the political and militaristic aspects  of Islam, but are afraid to speak out.
In the end, we must understand that militant Islam, as well as Communism, is a convenient tool used by the Globalist to eventually dominate the entire planet under one rule. Once the culturally induced chaos has been achieved and peaks, the masses will cry out for a savior and the time will be right for the final move. 
Initially, the Globalist takeover and promises of peace, love, order and social justice for all will be welcomed by a populace weary of war, chaos and oppression. 
What will eventually transpire will be a totalitarian Hell On Earth from which there will be no escape until after centuries of rule. Eventually, it will begin to rot internally and collapse upon its own weakened corpse. Only then will the creation of an enlightened civilization begin. Such is the cycle of history.
My Friend Danny Jeffrey sums up the current process under way  so very well in the conclusion of his essay, Making Excuses For Islam:

Betrayed by our leaders we stand nearly helpless against the future they have taken from us. They offer excuses for the behavior of Muslims when their behavior cannot be excused. Muslims are an anachronism from an evil past, and they should have remained in the past, primitive, lost, and forgotten. That was not meant to be as the Globalists directing our future chose to resurrect the evil they spread. That evil turned all of Islam into third world nations and now that third world future is planned for the west.
That future, if not prevented, guarantees a certain dark age for a people who cured polio and smallpox, won two world wars, and put men on the Moon. There are no excuses and when you hear one, know that the man or woman voicing that excuse is your enemy, and your destruction is their goal.

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