Explosive – Just Released Interim Report on Benghazi ARB Report

Well Things Finally Starting To Happen

Benghazi Attacks: Investigative Update

Benghazi Attacks: Investigative Update

Here’s the  Investigative Update on the Benghazi Attacks Interim Report on the Accountability Review Board:


It’s a 99 page report with lots of interesting nuggets. Pay particular attention to Chairman Darrell Issa’s conclusions on bottom of Page 92.

Behind The Scenes

Here is a transcript of the Deposition of Ambassador Thomas Pickering on June 4, 2013



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  1. Bob Greenspan September 16, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

    Stan your Benghazi Updates are are really masterful. I look forward to reading each new one you publish. Thank you. You are a Great American!

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