Did Speaker Boehner Know About Benghazi Gun Running?

Eleven days ago I found a vimeo video of Louie Gohmert giving a speech to a group where he talked about saying the following to Speaker Boehner (I’m benghazi-1paraphrasing}: “If you tell me you knew about the gun running from Libya to Syria, I will never bring up the subject of a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi again.” Boehner would not answer. Gohmert said he repeated the question several times and Boehner would not answer.

If you now go to the link in my tweet:

 @SpeakerBoehner knew about Gun Running from #Benghazi to Syria http://t.co/QXFYA6VqCb



Here’s what you will get:



I don’t know when the video was removed, but it was within two days of when I posted the tweet.

The real question is WHY. The video as I saw it, if you believe Gohmert, that Boehner did in fact know about the gun running.

Now 9 days later I was reading a 3 part article on The National Patriot :

Benghazi: The Truth Exposed – Part 1

Benghazi: The Truth Exposed…Part 2

Benghazi: The Truth Exposed…Part 3 of 3

These three articles are the best summary I have seen of the current state of the Benghazi investigation after 19 months.

I have been actively pursuing via twitter to get GOP representatives to support Frank Wolf’s  House Resolution 36 calling for a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi.  190 GOP representatives now support HRes36.  The only GOP representatives not supporting HRes36 are his committee chairmen and chairwomen. Yet Speaker Boehner still refuses to appoint a Select Committee. Why?

The conclusion from Part 3  above, is:

Blackmail plain and simple.

We believe Boehner knows the others besides himself to whom Stevens sent his information, and that Obama and crew know he knows but at this point have NOT been able to ‘break him’ if you will, but by blackmailing him they can keep him in check. It’s been public knowledge that Boehner has been suspected of having an affair with Lisbeth Lyons, Vice President for Government Affairs for the American Printers Association and a DC lobbyist…which both have flatly denied, but what if Obama and crew have proof…as in pictures or tapes. Remember, a sex scandal destroyed General Petraeus’ career and got Billy-Boy impeached, as it destroyed others as well.

Now consider this as an adjunct possibility…with a good old-fashioned sex scandal the only thing that seems to be what brings a DC politician down…and with Boehner being the third in line for the presidency…a position he so wants to keep…maybe a tit-for-tat tradeoff of silence was reached…as in Boehner maybe telling Obama ‘you keep your DNC cronies and lapdog media out of my personal business or else I blow the lid off Benghazi.’

Everyone of late thinks Boehner is a coward or a wimp but he is NO such thing for to get where he is politically, he had to crush his opposition and crushing your adversaries involves dirty politics. In DC the nice guy does finish last…the cut-throat politician…and Boehner behind closed doors could very well be more cut throat than crybaby. And NO matter what people say about Boehner he, at this point in time, is indeed safely ensconced in his position as Speaker of the House.

This could well be the reason why John Boehner is blocking an Independent Investigation, because to go forward would implicate him in the cover-up and there goes his political career… and welcome to GITMO.

Now couple this conclusion with the missing video, and I believe the conclusion very valid.  There are some very powerful forces working to relegate the Benghazi investigation to the trash can.  Even last night on Bret Baier of Fox News, Charles Krauthammer said Benghazi investigation “Too Late”.

TRUTH-1I believe Krauthammer is wrong, it’s NOT TOO LATE.  Boehner is the key. His one vote overrules 190 other votes.  I believe this analysis by The National Patriot is right on target.  Now is the time to turn up the heat on Speaker Boehner.

I have watched all the public committee hearings on Benghazi held by Boehner’s various committees.  Have you noticed, how when Boehner thinks he’s losing ground, he trots out another committee hearing (usually every 2 to 4 months) and uses the distraction to allow him to go on to other things.  Most of these committee hearings have been a sideshow, resulting in very little new information.

I ask you, why won’t Speaker Boehner  appoint a Select Committee?  The GOP should hang their heads in shame.



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