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For the last 14 months I have been committed to helping uncover the truth on what happened in Benghazi on 09/11/12  mostly on Twitter and Facebook. I have deliberately not  brought anything else into the discussion as I know Obama and the liberals thrive on distraction.  I sincerely felt strong about Benghazi because I felt this was a recent tragedy that could be tied directly to him.  He has gone to great lengths to ignore this tragedy, seems like ever time the flame gets close to his rear-end, he trots out another distraction.

It seems I have ignored an even bigger scandal.  I’ve known about the shooting down of Extortion 17 but never researched it very much, and for that I apologize. While I remain committed to Benghazi, I will also include Extortion 17 in my Twitter and Facebook work.  I still feel Benghazi is the biggest opening to uncover the corruption in this administration, that does not mean it is more important than Extortion 17.

But, Benghazi has more recent media attention and I feel committed to do everything I can to keep it front and center.

That being said, one of my followers sent me a tweet asking me to promote the book Betrayed by Billy Vaughn.  Billy and his wife Karen lost their son Aaron on Extortion 17.  Well I immediately got the Kindle version for my iPad and started reading. Before I finished the introduction by General Jerry Boykin, I was



hooked and knew this story had big ramifications leading to what happened in Benghazi.  I immediately ordered the hard cover edition for my library.

As General Boykin points out in his Introduction:

Overhearing a senior commander tell another family of one of the dead SEALS, the primary focus in Afghanistan was to “win the hearts and minds”, the Vaughns were enraged.

Throughout the book, the Vaughns reiterate, Aaron wasn’t trained to “win the hearts and minds” of the enemy.  He became a Navy SEAL to fight for this republic and defeat the enemy.

General Boykin goes on to say:

“Winning the hearts and minds” is a poor substitute for victory over a determined foe. If America does not intend to win, then US Forces should never engage an adversary.

I’m just finishing my first reading of this book, and it brings tears to my eyes.  With Veterans Day coming on Monday, I intend to read it again. I highly encourage all patriotic Americans to read this book.  We need to understand what our government is doing to our military and not doing for our military.

If you are new to Extortion 17, I encourage to Google Extortion 17. You will find a storehouse of information. Start reading, and God Bless.


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