#Benghazi Patriots Are Special

Still Looking For Answers on Benghazi

I have a saying that I like a lot and it goes like this: “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while” and today I found a nut.squirrel_jpg

I was researching the Internet looking for news articles for my Stans #Benghazi Daily News and I ran across an article about Ambassador Pickering’s testimony, and led me to an audio clip analyzing Ambassador Pickering’s testimony, and advertised within this audio was a book promotion for “Unsung Davids”. Since I was impressed with the audio analysis I decided to get the book (Amazon/Kindle).

Well here’s the NUT I found in the Forward written by Lynn Woolley, a Radio Talk Show Host:

There was once a time when many people had become cynical. Some, on the occasion of passing a mugging in progress, opted to look the other way and perhaps we walk a little swifter. The operative phrase was; “I didn’t want to get involved.”

How sad for our country when bad people do bad things but how much sadder is it when good people know what bad people are doing and yet choose to do nothing not to get involved but what if it’s more than just a mugging? What if there are crooked politicians, terrorists, colts, political parties, movements – yes even the world! – That cry out to be exposed? What if nobody stepped up to the plate? (emphasis mine)

When push comes to shove isn’t that ultimately what we #Benghazi Patriots are doing daily, each in our own little way to “be involved.” Yes, we don’t always do it right, we make mistakes, we let personalities get in the way. But when we do we “take our eye off the prize.” We are after #Benghazi justice. So re-dedicate yourself to keep the pressure on our politicians. None of us has the “best way.” What we do have is a commitment and a passion to get the job done.

If you happen to use Twitter and want to join us, follow the following hashtags:
We also have “TweetFests” every Tuesday & Friday at 7PM ET. Go to PatDollard.com for details then tweet from JusticeForBenghazi4 during the TweetFest.  The reasoning behind the TweetFest can be found at JeffRainforth.com.




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