Benghazi Dead and Survivors Paid Dearly For This Report

Well after 7 ½ months, the Interim Progress Report from  Boehner’s  five (5) Benghazi committees is in.

While I’m not a political analyst, it appears to me to be 46 pages of verbiage and nothing new. Actually, the main report is 30 pages with last 16 pages allotted to Appendix material (read that to mean filler). Most of the information in the report was known by Nov. 1, 2012

Benghazi Interim Progress Report

Benghazi Interim Progress Report

I think the last paragraph of the opening Executive Summary give you the gist of the report:

These preliminary findings illustrate the need for continued examination and oversight by the five House Committees. The Committees will continue to review who exactly was responsible for the failure to respond to the repeated requests for more security and for the effort to cover up the nature of the attacks, so that appropriate officials will be held accountable.

Isn’t that nice?  Sounds just like DC speak to me.  In other words, you smucks out there are too dumb to know what’s really going on.

Let me address a few things that caught my attention:

On pg 2 under Findings/During the Attack – the report states:

Department of Defense officials and military personnel reacted quickly to the attacks in Benghazi.

Really? Two SEALs reacted quickly but only after defying orders and acting on their own.

On pg 3 it states:

Responding to the attacks with an FBI investigation significantly delayed U.S. access to key witnesses and evidence and undermined the government’s ability to bring those responsible for the attacks to justice in a timely manner.

It took 3 weeks for FBI to get on site! And now 7 ½ months later we still have “delayed U.S. access to key witnesses? Are they talking about the 30+ survivors? I don’t find them mentioned anywhere in the report.  Oh, I forgot on page 30 they state:

The Administration’s treatment of personnel and whistleblowers following the attack on Benghazi; and Any new or outstanding issues raised by whistleblowers.

Are these the 30+ survivors that were air lifted to Ramstein Air Base?  I find it curious that nowhere can I find any genuine concern for why the Administration has not allowed these survivors to be interviewed.  Do they know too much?

I’ve seen Representative Jason Chaffetz being interviewed on TV News Shows where he said he had made requests to interview the survivors.  Yet he’s on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and nowhere in this report do I find reference to that fact. The only thing remotely close is the statement I already referred to:

The Administration’s treatment of personnel and whistleblowers following the attack on Benghazi; and Any new or outstanding issues raised by whistleblowers.

But the report did allot several pages to analyzing the “talking points of Susan Rice” and some space was wasted on talking about the ‘YouTube Video”.

I did not find in the report, why was Chris Stevens made Ambassador in May 2012? The report says “to fill staffing gaps & to reconnect with local contacts”.  Question why was he meeting with the Turkish Ambassador shortly before the attack? This wasn’t mentioned. Also, is “gun running” part of this investigation? I see no mention of that either.

Now I will admit I haven’t read the complete report exhaustively, only scanned it thus far. If I find I have misstated facts in the report I will make corrections and apologies as appropriate.

These are my preliminary conclusions, and mine alone. You are free to read the whole report here Interim Progress Report and come to your own conclusions.



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