American Betrayal

New Release American Betrayal

Diana West has just released a new book that I have been anxiously awaiting for over 6 months.  Well the wait was worth it. American Betrayal should be required reading for everyone although I will admit, it’s heavy reading.betrayal

Secure Freedom Radio has a very good audio interview with Diana.  They state

DIANA WEST, syndicated columnist at, joins Frank for a special one-hour show to celebrate the release of her newest book “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character.” During the hour, Diana discusses many of the topics covered in her latest publication, including the Soviet penetration into the United States, the losing battle to communism by the American government and how this history ties into the current ideological battle being waged between democracy and radical Islam.

I’m only on the 5th chapter but it has been truly eyeopening.  I’m not a history buff but as I read this, I’m going to pay more attention to decisions that were made in the past and the beliefs I have had.  Whether you like it or not we have been had.  We’ve been lied to.  Yes, America we’ve been betrayed.

Take time to listen to the four 10 minute audio clips.  This will give you an insight into what her book is all about.

Audio Interview

To listen to the audio CLICK HERE

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