American Betrayal by Diana West

American Betrayal – what you weren’t told

Whaaat?  We didn’t win World War II and the Cold War?  How can that be?  Well folks, we’ve been lied to or to put it more bluntly “betrayed”. Diana West’s recently released book American Betrayal “reads like a thriller” according to talk show host Jerry Doyle.

Diana West

Diana West

Diana spent 4 years researching and writing this book.  A large amount of the support for her conclusions comes from combing through information that has become available after the dissolution

American Betrayal

American Betrayal

of the Soviet Union.  She goes on to show how Washington was occupied by the Soviets.

One point that really hit home to me was that while we were secretly developing the Atom bomb, we were simultaneously giving our secrets and bomb making materials to the Soviet Union.

Her conclusions are not opinion but stem from research that is readily available to the public.  It is heavily footnoted and endnoted so you don’t have to take her word for it, you can prove it to yourself.

Jerry Doyle has a YouTube interview with Diana that you should really listen to. He says:


Diana West’s new book, “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character” reads “like a thriller,” says radio’s Jerry Doyle. This is the history we never knew, beginning with the FDR-1930s infiltration of Washington, DC, by American traitors loyal to Stalin. Could it have been stopped? To be sure, it could have been exposed — if Congress hadn’t staged what West calls “the first American show trial” of a man from the heartland whose name was William Wirt. Watch what happened when Dr. Wirt came to Washington to tell what he knew about New Dealers plotting revolution….

The Video


What really gets me thinking is how what Diana chronicles is happening today. You could replace Soviet Union, with Muslim Brotherhood in much of the book and you would have a blueprint for what is happening today.  So you may ask, “really has the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated our government?”

To answer that question, I highly encourage you to listen and study the FREE – Ten Part Course The Muslim Brotherhood in America by Frank Gaffney of Center for Security Policy.  There’s a lot more but that would be a good primer.

Now go and get Diana’s book. You won’t be sorry. Good reading.


American Betrayal


American Betrayal



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